Are you planning to join us for the Asana Together World Tour?

Yeti is hitting the road, the skies, and everything in between to bring Asana right to your doorstep. That’s right – Asana, IRL! :earth_asia:

We’re hosting free events around the world to spark creativity and collaboration for your team. Join us to hear about productivity from industry leaders, or sit down with some of our own team, ready to help you get the most out of Asana in a classroom environment.

So where are we going in April and early May? Next week we’re in the Land of Oz – Australia! :australia:

After that, Yeti’s zooming out to the Pacific Northwest for workshops in Seattle :umbrella:

From there, we’re heading back to Asana HQ in San Francisco :bridge_at_night:

Hooray for Hollywood – Yeti is jetting down to Los Angeles for even more events :clapper:

And off the East Coast we go, with May events in New York City :statue_of_liberty:

Stay tuned for more updates on events throughout the year. We hope to see you and your team soon :wave:



Wish I could get to either of the Sydney or Melbourne…

Hope it is a roaring success…



Hi there,

Any idea when and if there will still be a session in Europe?
Preferably (Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany or UK?)

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Hi @Thomas_Rypens :wave:t3:

You can find all upcoming events sorted by country on :slight_smile: