API Query not working

I’m trying to connect my Asana workspaces/ tasks to Klipfolio and every time I tried to connect with the PAT, I get this error. I’ve created a few PAT and have waited a while to make sure the apps register the PAT.

Now I am completely new to API’s and the Query protocols, so I’ve followed the Klipfolio process

And also read a bit through the Asana API documenation.

Not sure if this is the only issue but in your screenshot, you have Data Format as XML - per the Klipfolio documentation (and what Asana expects), it should be JSON.

I’ve tested it on JSON as well and same error.

Please post a screenshot of the full query so we can see the entirety of what you’re submitting (just obscure part of your PAT).

I found the problem, I needed to add BEARER in front of the PAT.

Now to learn how to access my Tasks, etc.

Thank you Phil for the questions.