API News 2022-W32

Hey folks,

Sasha, from the Asana API Team here. There are new features and changes coming
down the pipeline for the Asana API soon. We want to make sure developers are in
the best position to adopt and react to these changes, and so we’re going to
start sharing more frequent updates about what’s new or changing with the Asana

Here’s what’s happening in August:

(headings are links to the original announcements)

New Project Templates

status: launched

who this applies to: users of /projects or the Projects resource
that also work with project_templates

The next update for New Project Templates will be the deprecation of
project.is_template. At that point, requests including that field will result
in a 400 Bad Request.

New HTML Tags in Task Descriptions

status: launching soon

who this applies to: users of /tasks* or the Tasks resource that
read or write to task.html_notes.

The next update for New HTML Tags in Task Descriptions will clarify
deprecation timeline details.

Stay tuned, as there will be more changes and improvements announced soon!

Yours in Developer Relations,
Sasha, on behalf of the Asana API Team


“At that point” means “after the next update” or “now”? When is the next update?


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So my goal is to provide weekly updates on the API. For New Project Templates deprecation, I will explicitly call out when the API will start issuing 400 Bad Request. I anticipate that being before the end of August.

Does this also mean that the migration of PT 1.0 templates to PT 2.0 is currently in process? And that is_template will be deprecated once that migration is finished for all Asana customers?

I hope not :scream: