API Call for Tasks from Specific Workspace

I am trying to make API call for tasks from Specific workspace. but the only way is to mention project too. is any other way to GET all task from exactly workspace?

Hi @Tornike_Parunashvili ,

Welcome to the forum! I believe you could try this endpoint, but I haven’t personally used it so can’t comment on how effective it is.

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Hi @Tornike_Parunashvili,

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There’s no way to definitively get all tasks from a workspace in the way you’re asking.

However, a way to get tasks across multiple projects in a workspace is to use the Search API, so you might want to check that out and see if it will work for your use case.


Thank you. I tried that way already but it is not what I need.

The whole point why I need to process this API Call is because following case: with an api call to add task on asana it is adding in workspace and I can not add in specific project. if there is any solution for this one that could be easer.

Thank you for your response.

@Tornike_Parunashvili - are you calling this endpoint to create the task? If so, you can add the task to specific projects by including a projects property. It takes an array of strings for each project gid for which you want to add the task.

I was trying to use that endpoint with projectGID in it.

@Tornike_Parunashvili - ah, yeah try throwing the project gid inside an array and see if that fixes it.


Thank you. It works by that way. I really appreciate your help.

What I do is essentially ‘multi-home’ all tasks into a single project. This approach is super useful, especially for creating something like a team calendar.

Here’s how it works: I’ve set up an automation in my project templates. Any new tasks added are automatically multi-homed to a designated project. This means every task across the team ends up in this one project. When it’s time to make an API call, I just need the GID of this single project. This bypasses the need to specify every individual project, simplifying the process greatly.

This method not only streamlines your API calls but also gives you a consolidated view of all tasks in one place. It’s like having a master list of everything happening in your team!


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