Any updates on Due Time sync with popular calendars like Google Calendar?...

It has been asked for years and in several different channels, can anyone link me to why Asana still has not and will not introduce the synchronization of due times in calendars like Google Calendar?

I saw somewhere that it had to do with no end time as it would be problematic for the backend developers (assuming so). Why won’t the dev team lead sign off on the assumption of 1 hr or 30 min blocks prior to due-time? If I set up a due time to let’s say 5pm, why can’t that time be the end time and set up a rule to subtract 10, 30, or 60 minutes prior to the assumed start?

It would be great to know if a research firm hired by Asana suggested against doing so due to ‘annoying’ target prime users…This feature would have kept a lot of happy users who, like me, have enamored over and championed this tool for years. I’ve convinced many to use this service but sadly, I am now looking into alternatives such as Todoist despite me first creating an account with Asana probably around 2012 or so.

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