Announcing the launch of the "Asana For Nonprofits" community forum category!

Friends, colleagues and peers in the nonprofit space,

We’re so excited to be able to launch the newest resource for our nonprofit customers, with the Community Forum as it’s home. So many members of Asana’s online community have affirmed the value they’ve gained from the Forum, as a space not only to find answers to all your Asana questions, but also as a place to connect with other Asana users just like you! As such, it is only natural that the next step for our team to better support the work that you do is to launch this category specifically devoted to the work of our nonprofit customers!

First, I wanted to recap some of our team’s work over the past year, which has made this milestone possible.

The “Asana for Nonprofits” program and our nonprofit solutions
Since we launched the Asana for Nonprofits program (in November of last year), we’ve been busy expanding the accessibility of our program to 24 more countries in May and an additional 46 countries in September. As of today, the Asana for Nonprofits program is available in 70 countries around the world, with more to come!

Keeping in mind the unique challenges that nonprofit organizations (NPOs) face in achieving their mission, our team has worked hard to develop lightweight solutions designed to address your fundraising and grant management needs. Because those needs matter, whether you’re a paying customer or not, we’ve made sure that all three templates are available for free and premium customers starting on day one.

Supporting your Success!
A core benefit of joining Asana for Nonprofits is the Asana Advisor program. Once you’ve started an annual premium or business plan, with the 50% nonprofit discount applied, you have the ability to request a 1 hour phone or video consultation call with an Asana employee who volunteers their time to steer you to success with Asana.

Our Advisors are here to ensure you’re supported throughout your journey when choosing Asana to manage the critical work you do.

What we look forward to hosting in this space
We’ve decided to launch the Asana for Nonprofits category starting with the following subcategories as a launching off point.

  1. Nonprofit Use Cases: A space where you can learn how fellow NPOs currently use Asana and/or connect with fellow peers in engaged in similar work. We’ll also be sharing the successes fellow members of the nonprofit community that we’ve highlighted as customer stories, to help inspire and share best practices you can leverage to support the diverse needs of the work you’re engaged in.
  2. Ask Me Anything: The AMA subcategory is where we look forward to hosting in depth conversations with members of the Asana team, Asana Advisors, nonprofit customers and members of the Asana Together community.
  3. Coffee Corner: We look forward to hosting a range of conversations about non-Asana experiences. Whether it’s the conferences you’re attending and shared challenges you’ve tackled, or providing resources you’d like to share with the greater nonprofit community. This category is a place designed to help fellow members of the NPO community connect, engage and network with one another.
  4. News: Look forward to nonprofit specific announcements, product updates, and other exciting news from our team to be announced in this space.

I look forward to all the fruitful ways that we can all engage, support and inspire one another in the days to come! Remember, we’re here to support our shared successes as a community, so don’t hesitate to introduce yourselves and share the work you’re engaged in; join the conversation!