Allow to delete fields when refining an Advanced Search

Hey all!

I’ve run into an issue when trying to edit saved searches. Specifically, I’m trying to delete a filter from a search I had previously saved. Here’s how to recreate:

  1. Start a new advanced search.
  2. Add a filter. (I used a custom field to filter by)
  3. Run the search.
  4. Click on “Refine Search”
  5. See that you cannot remove any of the filter(s) you added.

It seems like if you’re able to (a) add a filter, then you should also be able to (b) remove a filter, but this doesn’t seem like a function built into advanced searches. While I’m sure this is an edge case, I’m startled to find that the workflow doesn’t work both ways. The reason I’m trying to delete filters is that after adding a filter option my search results have “broken” – I’m not getting the outcome I wanted. Now I’m holding onto a saved search that doesn’t work and I can’t remove the filter causing the issue.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hello Brendan :wave:,

Hmmm, that’s a really good question. It appears that you might have to create a new search if you would like to eliminate any of the filters rather than use the refine search option. @Marie can you confirm this is the case?


That’s correct @Katie_Reynolds! As it stands, it’s not possible to remove existing fields from your search, so if you need to remove some, you would need to start over with a brand new search!

@Brendan_Kussman, I’ve moved this thread to the #productfeedback category to allow you and other members to vote for this feature to be implemented in the future.

Hope this helps!

Wow, these were terrific responses! Although it’s a bummer that you can’t remove filter criteria from an advanced search, I appreciate the quick answers here.

Fingers crossed that the community would also find value in the ability to remove a filter criteria after it has been saved. Onwards!


Can it be?? - I cannot remove filters, but just add them?? - Please please please, it cannot be such a development effort to implement that.
Whoever agrees with me, please vote!!! - Otherwise I’m afraid this topic won’t be seen and we will wait forwever for such a small but very annoying bug. (yes, I call it a bug. This is no feature.)

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