Advanced search filter - "in either of these projects"


Hi there.
I would really love to see a “in either of these projects” advanced search filter.

If you want to track a parameter in a few projects, you have to have a report for each individual project, resulting in a large number of reports in the side bar. Another option is to “not” all the other current projects that interfere with the search results, but whenever a new project is added to the team, it will also have to be added to the report’s “not this project” list too. Or lastly a parameter has to be present in all projects that you want to track before it will flag with the current “in all of these projects” filter.

I have noticed similar functionality with members; you can only track one at a time or everbody else but “not” you.

Any chance of getting this looked at. It would help me immensely.


The existing “IN PROJECTS” advanced search parameter already works as you request (unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re asking): It will find in any one or more of the projects you enter for that parameter.

That parameter is different from the two other parameters you mention: “IN ALL OF THESE PROJECTS” and “NOT IN THESE PROJECTS”.


Thank you, that has resolved it, I dont know how i missed it. Mods im happy for this thread to be deleted