Adding attachment to Asana task from Power Automate


Is there some “trick” to add attachment to a task created from Microsoft Power Automate?

If not, could I somehow “write” some code to make Power Automate insert a link instead?
I can insert a sharing link to a document in Sharepoint but it can be long URL.


I believe PowerAutomate has the ability to do what’s called “HTTP request”, which is a way of saying that you can talk to the Asana API and whatever you need. Here’s the documentation.

I can help as a consultant/developer on that matter!

I have tried to use the HTTP POST action in Power automate. However I still get the error code 400 url: missing input.

    "statusCode": 400,
    "headers": {
        "Connection": "keep-alive",
        "pragma": "no-cache",
        "X-Frame-Options": "DENY",
        "X-XSS-Protection": "1; mode=block",
        "X-Content-Type-Options": "nosniff",
        "Content-Security-Policy": "report-uri;default-src 'none';frame-src 'none';frame-ancestors 'none'",
        "X-Asana-Api-Version": "1.0",
        "Asana-Change": "name=new_user_task_lists;info=,name=new_project_templates;info=",
        "X-Robots-Tag": "none",
        "Cache-Control": "no-store",
        "Date": "Tue, 21 Feb 2023 15:13:59 GMT",
        "Server": "nginx",
        "Content-Length": "185",
        "Content-Type": "application/json; charset=UTF-8"
    "body": {
        "errors": [
                "message": "url: Missing input",
                "help": "For more information on API status codes and how to handle them, read the docs on errors:"


In the http body i have tried using "sharing link to the sharepoint document" in the field "download_url". In this example I have tried to encodeURIComponent the sharing link. 

I have access to the sharing link itself and I have also tried more simple links like https://<org>

Is it possible to add sharepoint documents as an attachment into a Asana task with Power Automate ?

You should first work with Postman to come up with the right request, or even use the embedded tool in the documentation. Once you have the right request, you can replicate it into Power Automate. It will be way more confortable.

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