Ability to link the Github Repository Integration to Teams

My team and I work in Sprints. That means that every 3 weeks we open a new Asana Project for the sprint, lay out our tasks and work on it.

We want to start working with the new Github + Asana App. However, we want to link our repository with the team and not individual projects. This will allow us to automatically link every new sprint to our repositories without doing it manually every time.

Is it possible?

Hi @Sagi_Shadur, thanks for reaching out and sharing your feedback! As it stands, you can link the GitHub & Asana integration at the project level but it’s not possible at the team level. I’ve gone ahead and move this thread to the #productfeedback category so more users can upvote for this feature. We will also let you know if we have any news in the future! :slight_smile: