401 Unauthorized error on getting events


I’ve recently run into a problem with the API - I can’t use the Events API. We have an integration app for Freshdesk, and everything is seemingly working fine there - I’m using the built-in OAuth flow handler, which is working correctly for every other kind of endpoint. I can get a task, create a task, post a story, I can even call the Events API without the sync token and successfully receive a 412 error with a sync token attached to it. However, as soon as I try to use said sync token to get the latest changes on a task, I keep receiving a 401 Not Authorized error. This doesn’t happen on any other endpoint the app uses, just on getting new events with a valid sync token.
I suspect that the problem is related specifically to the app registration - when I try to reproduce the issue from a personal set of credentials (i.e. making calls directly from the browser by just accessing the API endpoints from a browser tab), everything works just fine. However, I really wouldn’t want to make a separate app registration - the Freshdesk app is public on their Marketplace, and changing the OAuth credentials means every user will have to reinstall the app.
Is it possible for you to check the issue from your end? The app ID is 1144145373313816.