Template Projects & Assignees

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Does somebody know how to pre-assign tasks in a template project without having those tasks appear in the list of tasks of the team members, since those tasks are not real yet, as long as they are only in a template. Once a “real” project gets created, using the template, I would love to have the team members already assigned and not have to do this manually.
I didn’t find a way to do this yet. Can somebody help?

Thank you!

According to me there is no build in way to do this. I would suggest letting the team know they should ignore the template tasks and in their “My Task” put it under later with Tab+L


Also, you can add your vote to change this behavior here:


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Just to add to what @groblerpaul and @Phil_Seeman have explained, I would also recommend you to have a look at this post. You might find the workaround useful in the meantime.

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