Make Custom Fields on subtasks optional

I totally understand the need for this to be optional for everyone. For our process, which we have altered to fit into this world of subtasks not inheriting its parent’s custom fields by…

  1. Promoting subtasks to the project, which clutters the project with tasks not everyone needs to see.
  2. I had to create a template system that included a primary deliverable and all of its subtasks in the project, with a date of say 2030. Then I duplicate the deliverable, which creates no due date copies. Then I select the copies and add them to the proper project.

We have custom fields that indicate what client service we are billing to… Each client may have multiple services, so this provides a way for us to charge that service specifically, as well as report on what we do for each service. This is done through 2 custom fields that provide reporting data to Everhour (time tracking). But the only way to get these fields on the subtasks is to add the subtasks to the project. Doing this manually is ridiculous. I had a system that would add the subtasks to the project, add the fields, then remove them from the project, but that was way too complicated and cumbersome.

So we have a very big need for subtasks to inherit the parent tasks’s custom fields.

I don’t care if it’s an ON/OFF preference, or a switch on the parent task to “send to all subtasks” or on the subtask to "receive all parent task custom fields. Actually, thinking about the 3rd one, that would be hard to do in practice, as I would have to navigate to each task, so that wouldn’t be a good option. If at some point Asana moves to a way where the primary task list shifts levels, so for example, if I wanted to see the subtask level, then all the subtasks would be in the task list, thus I could affect multiple subtasks at once without having to navigate individually to each one. Hopefully that makes sense.

Totally understand that there are use cases where inheriting the custom fields in subtasks makes sense, but I would argue that there are way more use cases where it totally doesn’t make sense. Totally agree with Richard_Uruchurtu - this cheapens the entire platform :-(.


This change is driving me nuts as well! I like the mockup to make a custom field show up on a subtask or not. Right now, we’re so confused people can’t remember which field to complete and which not to complete and so they’re just not getting filled out. Bad! Please prioritize a fix.


@Marie we lack your respons, this is critical for many of us. Please, give us an update, the silence is too long without respons from Asana.


Totally agree! Please can we have some sort of update @Marie


In the same boat here. It is not a bad idea for the fields to be available however, if you have built processes it completly messes them up. Hopefully there is an update soon on how they are going to deal with this.

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