Do you use the Getting Things Done (GTD) method?

I think the way I would do this is:

  1. Select all of the tasks to be reviewed and add a “reviewing” task.
  2. Create a search view that includes all of the tasks to be reviewed (filtering on the tag)
  3. As you review, remove the tag.

I found this recorded webinar walking through how to use GTD in Asana, but Asana’s product interface has changed since it was created

Is there a how to video using the current version of Asana for GTD productivity workflow?

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Hi, I would like to Share an Idea that I Just presented to my (GTD) clients, about “Milestones”, while there are many reasons you can use this, When we have a Task that has more than 3 “Next Actions” its called a Small Project (SP) we create a Parent (as a SP placeholder) and the subs are the Next Actions,

I would recommend marking all “SP (parent) Tasks” as a Milestone to indicate to the team that this is a SP.

Small Project (now marked as Milestone) best practices

  • Assign parent to the person responsible to see this SP done
  • Assign subs to whoever will do them
  • Move it into the “Upcoming” to review once a week. (no date unless it has a real due date)
  • Don’t comment in parent only if it’s related to the SP as a whole, comment directly in the related subtask
  • Don’t complete parent until all subs are complete

@Leiby_Markowitz. That’s a good idea… Have always struggled with small projects to use tasks and subtasks or full blown projects. This is a good way to highlight the difference between just a normal tasks.

Do you use any prefix or suffix to clearly identify it as a SP rather than a normal Milestone?


If I understand good your question before we had Milestones we used to suffix with [SP] like this
“Renovate Conference Room [SP]”

@Leiby_Markowitz. Thanks for that yes that is what I meant…

Thanks again for sharing this with community.


Hi there,
New to GTD and using Asana for a while.
I’m Interested in how people us the Projects menu.

  • Some online vids appear to use waiting + someday + Reference, plus every project. ‘next action’ is therefor the first Section Heading in each Project, and those tasks are therefore actual ‘next actions’ (This seems arduous)
  • Others seem to have Projects listed as tasks in one (individual) waiting + someday + Reference + “Projects” (i.e Project called projects) really that Projects are really first tier Tasks

I’m struggling to know the best way to flag ‘next actions’ over multiple projects and have a reliable projects list. i.e. Projects don’t move to ‘waiting for’, only tasks can…

any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

One approach is to list GTD “Projects” — any effort that requires more than 2 next action as tasks. You create one Asana Project with all your GTD projects. Create subtasks as GTD Next Actions.

Next create an Asana Projects by GTD lost category to hold all your Next Actions, Waiting For, etc. Tab-P every sub task in your Project Tasks you created to the appropriate Asana project.

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Thanks Nicholas,
I think I tried pretty much what you’re suggesting - but the adding and removing from projects seemed very arduous
left hand menu had ‘Projects’, ‘Next’ ‘waiting’ ‘someday’ and reference
My primary list had single tasks, plus a list of projects.
A Project’s Next Action appeared in second teir list in “Projects” and also “Next” projects.

Nowadays, I’m using Projects, and Someday.
I tag ‘Next’ so i can search it
I tag ‘someday’ ‘waiting’ ‘agenda’ and then Staff Names and use tags for context (office, online, reading, etc)
my biggest issue currently is that an item in second tier of tasks list doesn’t appear in ‘sort by’ due date, and if you have any kind of sections in your “Projects” list they sort by section
Trying to balance simplicity with easy search
It seems a long list with tags and due dates is the only real solution

Hi GTD-ers! So, I’m new to Asana and trying to both set it up for my team and also personal use. I’m surprised to discover there does not appear to be a way to view tasks by context on the mobile app. I’m wondering how you are all managing this? Here’s hoping Asana enables view tags on mobile - it would be a terrific improvement.

How are you assigning your contexts to your tasks?

I use Projects for contexts, so I can view tasks by context on mobile by looking at different projects.