Do you use the Getting Things Done (GTD) method?



I think the way I would do this is:

  1. Select all of the tasks to be reviewed and add a “reviewing” task.
  2. Create a search view that includes all of the tasks to be reviewed (filtering on the tag)
  3. As you review, remove the tag.


I found this recorded webinar walking through how to use GTD in Asana, but Asana’s product interface has changed since it was created

Is there a how to video using the current version of Asana for GTD productivity workflow?


Hi, I would like to Share an Idea that I Just presented to my (GTD) clients, about “Milestones”, while there are many reasons you can use this, When we have a Task that has more than 3 “Next Actions” its called a Small Project (SP) we create a Parent (as a SP placeholder) and the subs are the Next Actions,

I would recommend marking all “SP (parent) Tasks” as a Milestone to indicate to the team that this is a SP.

Small Project (now marked as Milestone) best practices

  • Assign parent to the person responsible to see this SP done
  • Assign subs to whoever will do them
  • Move it into the “Upcoming” to review once a week. (no date unless it has a real due date)
  • Don’t comment in parent only if it’s related to the SP as a whole, comment directly in the related subtask
  • Don’t complete parent until all subs are complete


@Leiby_Markowitz. That’s a good idea… Have always struggled with small projects to use tasks and subtasks or full blown projects. This is a good way to highlight the difference between just a normal tasks.

Do you use any prefix or suffix to clearly identify it as a SP rather than a normal Milestone?



If I understand good your question before we had Milestones we used to suffix with [SP] like this
“Renovate Conference Room [SP]”


@Leiby_Markowitz. Thanks for that yes that is what I meant…

Thanks again for sharing this with community.