Column Width in List View


When I go to “My Tasks” I get a view similar to the screenshot in this comment - although I don’t have as many columns in the list. When I click on a task, the right panel shows me the task details. Ignoring the left menu, of the remaining real estate, the task list occupies about 60% of the screen width, and the task details panel at far right occupies about 40%. This doesn’t make sense to me. If I’ve clicked a task in a list, surely I want to see the task details. Further, the task details has far more text - and images - than simply the task name in a list and that amount of content needs more real estate - yet I cannot resize those panels to increase the width of the right hand panel.


I would really love to see this because there is just so much wasted space right now. I am all for responsiveness and adjusting the width / losing some visibility in those custom fields if working on a very small monitor, but most desktop users have 21" or larger monitors. Even then, Asana allows for expansion of the list view by hiding the side menu or not clicking into a task (and presenting the task detail pane), the actual list should be responsive as a result.

I’ve included some marked up screenshots to help explain the issue.

Anyways, just my opinion, but would sure make working within Asana a lot better and perhaps I would need to export everything to Excel less just to see the custom field data at a 30,000’ view.


has this been resolved yet? omg what is the point of tags if you can’t see them on list view???


Nope, not sure what plan is here from Asana dev team. I’ve implemented a workaround with a CSS extension for Chrome browser that lets me override the styling and take advantage of extra screen real estate.


Please develop functionality to adjust width of columns!