Zapier Trigger Due Date

Hello everyone, I have a Premium plan in Asana and would like to set up an automation that triggers on the due date (date and time). This works for the Rules in Asana and I have already tried it with a custom request search task in Workspace. However, I can’t use search as a trigger in Zapier and I don’t know how to match it to the current time. I don’t want all the tasks that are before or after the date, but only the tasks that are currently due. I think some people have already set this up, does anyone have a tip?

One potential solution is to use the “Scheduled” trigger in Zapier along with a filter to only trigger on tasks that are due at the current date and time. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Create a Zap: Start by creating a new Zap in Zapier.
  2. Choose Trigger App: Select Asana as the trigger app.
  3. Select Trigger Event: Choose the “Scheduled” trigger event.
  4. Set Trigger Timing: Define how often you want Zapier to check for tasks. For example, you might set it to check every hour.
  5. Filter Tasks: Add a “Filter” step to your Zap. Configure the filter to check if the task’s due date and time match the current date and time. This might involve using a custom filter based on the due date field.
  6. Choose Action App: Choose the app where you want the action to occur based on the trigger. For example, you might select another task management app or a notification service.
  7. Set Up Action: Configure the action step based on what you want to happen when a task is due. This could involve creating a new task, sending a notification, or triggering another event.
  8. Test the Zap: Test your Zap to ensure that it triggers and performs the desired action when a task is due.

By using the “Scheduled” trigger in Zapier and applying a filter to check for tasks due at the current date and time, you can achieve automation based on the due date. This method allows you to narrow down the tasks to those that are currently due, rather than tasks before or after the date.

After this information your sitll troubling you can contact a Zapier Expert for your solution.