Zapier: Share attached file automatically with all collaborators

Hi Zapier experts,

I am trying to do the following: Share attached file automatically with all collaborators, instead of going to OneDrive/Google Drive etc. and share manually.

I was able to to share an attached file via the comment function to everyone with the link.

Where I have not found the perfect solution and would love your feedback:

  • How to make Zapier search an entire project/team and not just a single task for a comment
  • How to share with ONLY the task collaborators and not everyone with the link to the file

Perhaps @Caisha or @paulminors have an answer?


A couple of thoughts:

  • If you use the “New comment” trigger, you can leave the task field blank so that Zapier searches the entire selected project. You would then need to use some kind of common lingo or keyword in the comment when sharing the file so that you can have a filter to make sure the zap only continues if a comment with a certain keyword is used.
  • Another idea I had was to use adding a tag as a trigger to run the Zap. Little bit more manual though.

NOTE: I haven’t actually tested to see if Zapier can access attached files. I’m guessing it can?

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