Zapier Asana Comments Appended to Doc

Hey Asanans,
Trying to collect all new comments into a single log for reporting purposes as I usually just make a detailed comment on progress or the lack thereof under tasks.
Using Zapier I setup the Asana > Google Doc append but there’s no option to capture comments. Every detail under the sun except comments. Is this a function available with a Zapier subscription or am I missing something?

I believe you can easily esee verything that is available inside Zapier and I don’t think there would be any hidden option… @paulminors any idea?

I checked Zapier and indeed it doesn’t seem to have a way to include comments (i.e. the Story items) on a task. Mu guess is because Stories are a separate object in Asana, Zapier doesn’t have the ability to grab those when processing a Task object.


Thanks @Phil_Seeman .
I’ll go manually copy past the comments until this is enabled then. :anguished:

No, @Phil_Seeman is spot on the money

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