Zapier API / Followers



Hi - Looking for a little help from the Asana Dev team…

Im using Zapier to create tasks for me and I am trying to add multiple followers. I’m passing Asana ID’s in and when only one is sent, it is successful. However, when trying to send multiple, comma-separated, values, it’s is stripping out the commas and concatenating the values into one long string, which ends up being unsuccessful. Is there any way to force the values to retain their comma separation?


Hey there;

When I fiddled around a bit in Zapier, it looks to me like there’s the option to add more than one entry for followers with the little plus box in the corner - I used it to create 2 followers so far, though it accepts more:

Does this work for you? Is this what you see?



Ooh! I’ll give it a go! Thanks!


Noel Howell