YouTube Autoplay on 'How to Asana"

The product education videos - eg.
[How to Asana: Setting specific deadlines - YouTube]
… very annoyingly automatically play the next topic, despite my having turned autoplay off.

It looks to me as if you have turned on Autoplay & then hidden the autoplay control - I see the toggle as the video loads & then it disappears.

I don’t know who cane up with this but it is :

  1. Irritating
  2. Unhelpful - If I came to find how to use a feature I probably want to go and try it out. I probably don’t want another unrelated topic
  3. Counter-productive (ie. Dumb)

By doing this you set up the teaching environment as a fight between me and Asana. I don’t think that is what you want.

Trust is hard to earn & easy to lose.

I’m sure it required some clever research to put this feature in.
Please take it out and slap someone’s wrist.

Hi @Tom_Midgley, thanks for sharing your feedback with us! I’ll send it over to our customer education team so we can consider when planning future updates for the How to Asana videos. In regards to the Autoplay feature, please note you can turn off this option in YouTube following these steps or at the end of the videos, you can click Cancel on the video player to prevent the next video from automatically playing. I hope this helps and thanks again for your feedback!