Your Year in Review 2023

Happy new year Asana users!

As we embark on 2024, we’re excited to kick off the year with a delightful surprise to start things off on the right note.

You’ve been using Asana to work smarter - but do you know just how much you’ve accomplished? To see the ways you’ve been putting Asana to work, we’re introducing Your Year in Review 2023 - a recap of the year with Asana at your side.

To access your own Year in Review, visit Home in Asana, and click on the Your Year in Review 2023 banner.

We’re proud of all you accomplished this year, and hope you are too! Feel free to snap a screenshot and share Your Year in Review in the comments below so we can celebrate with you!

Note this feature is gradually rolling out. Right now it’s available to 20% of Asana users; it will become available to everyone over the next couple of days.


Quite impressive stats @Marie!

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This is great! Question: If someone accidentally clicks on the “x” to dismiss the message/banner, is there a way to retrieve the stats/message?
Will users see something more explicit such as, “Click here to see your Year in Review for 2023.” I am afraid some may not be aware and will dismiss or “x” the banner/message.


Hello @Thy_Bey :wave:

I don’t believe so, unfortunately! It might be worth assigning them a task with quick instructions (or a link to this post :wink: ) to ensure they don’t dismiss it by accident!

No, all you’ll see is a the 'Your Year in Review 2023" banner, but when hovering your mouse it’s quite clear that the banner is clickable :slight_smile: It’s our first time rolling this feature out to customers, our team is closely looking at behaviours and listening to feedback to ensure we can do even better in the future.

Hi Marie,

Where would subtasks fall in the year in review? Our organization builds several projects in a way where a parent task is assigned to someone else, but a subtask within is assigned to me. Do those subtasks of other people’s task fall in to the “Tasks you’ve completed” category?


Hello @Erik_Jones :wave:

Let me double check with our team, but I belive subtasks are included under the “Number of tasks you have completed” :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking into it (not that it’s critical, just nice to know)!

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Hi @Erik_Jones,

I got confirmation, that all tasks type are included (subtasks, approval, milestones, etc)! I hope this helps!

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Good news, Year in Review has rolled out to all Asana customers! Enjoy :slight_smile:


If I still can’t see it must I have closed it down at some point with out realising? I don’t think I would have but no banner still :thinking:

It’s very likely @Mel2, and if that’s the case there is no way to re-populate it unfortunately! So sorry about that!

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I don’t see it either and I’m incredibly bummed. My colleagues shared theirs and it’s such a great way to review your year. Im sad i don’t see it.

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Is it possible to have some summary like this for the entire Division to show our bosses how much work we do in here?


I’m bummed too!!! Guess we have to wait till next year!

No right now, this is only available at the user level @Brock_Taylor

I too inadvertently X’d out of “Your Year in Review” without realizing what it was. There’s really no way to get it back?

Bummer, I must have missed it. It would have been fun to see. You should make it an option to view even after it gets dismissed.

I’m not seeing it on my home screen. Where exactly is it supposed to be?

I could see mine, but my team is not seeing the pop up. Why could this be?

I’m sure I never saw it, never dismissed it, and still don’t see it in my main Org workspace, FWIW, @Marie.