Your tips, please! Easily showing tasks that are in-market/public-facing touchpoints

Hi there, I’m building out a critical path/execution plan for a program launch. I am using a single project for this, with a number of sections for the different deliverables (e.g. press release, video, webinar, etc.). I want to have an at-a-glance view of when the different deliverables will be in-market/public facing. Is there any way to filter info or structure my project so I can easily view ONLY those tasks that are related to deliverables being in-market and not the numerous tasks associated with the planning steps?

If you’re on a paid plan, you could make sure those tasks each have the same custom field value and then filter the project based on that value. Otherwise, you could give them all the same tag and then view all tasks with that tag (separate from the project though) by clicking on the tag.



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