You scrollin I searchin

:tired_face: When I do consulting sessions with clients, they usually show me their account. And as we navigate among their projects, I see the same thing over and over again: they scroll to find a team, open the team, scroll to find the project, wrong team, open another one, scroll, expand “More projects”, scroll, scroll…

:-1: Does that seem productive to you? To me it doesn’t, and I stopped doing this a long time ago.

:magic_wand: Want to know my secret? I never use the teams in the sidenav. Ever. Never open them, never scroll through them.

:mag_right: Instead, I search! Any project can be found in 3 seconds by typing less than 10 letters. If you name your projects properly, you’ll always be more efficient searching.

:keyboard: The search box can even be opened with the keyboard shortcut Tab + /, so no more reasons to scroll, is there?

:fr: Version Française



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Yes. If I’m working on a task, I know what it’s called. If I don’t I can start typing a few likely keywords and presto.

We make sure all our client job tasks and subtasks carry a unique job number (“ASA 4301”) - so we know which client every task belongs to, and some idea of how long it’s been going (got to Job # 4500 today, 3500 is an old job!).

We started by creating an asana project for each job, but it proved to be overkill, and instead we have a project for each client that we can view as a board, and see all the jobs (numbered tasks) and their status - managing the steps in each job through subtasks. Having numbered jobs turbocharges our search, as it every job number maps onto our Gdrive client documents , so the news draft for ASA 4301 is in gdrive/ASA/4301.


Agreed, it applies in all systems…I use search, which is fast, not the painful navigation.

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Yes, Ctrl-P in VS Code all day long, and Ctrl-K in discord for some specific things I return to.

Good tip to make more use of this in Asana also.

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So are the jobs labeled with the ASA #### in the task along with a name or independently?

Search all the way. We had an issue where our tasks couldn’t be searched because they were named BB_CH_AGATHA_50 for instance. Asana search can’t read Agatha in this format (our media files are named in this manner) so we add a space after _ and now asana can find ‘Agatha’ :tada:

Yes @Lisa_Doucet search isn’t perfect either with some French specificities like accents.

I found myself doing the same thing. I’m trying to train myself to use search but to help, I used the new Private Notepad to create a dashboard that hyperlinks all my most used projects/templates and then also, projects by meetings/topic. I can then click on my home and have the most relevant projects there. It also helps visually to see what projects go with which topics.

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Very interesting idea, I am stealing this one!

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