You can now see and action subtasks directly from your Project task list!

While it’s wonderful to see subtasks in the project list view, the fact that custom fields from the project are now added by default to subtasks in that project makes things quite frustrating.

We track task status like proofing status with custom fields and use the parent tasks to do this. Now having those same custom fields available in the subtasks makes things very confusing to understand if we’re tracking the parent task or the subtask.

A way to see subtasks in the project view, but not deploy custom fields to subtasks would be great.


hey, when will this feature be available on mobile?

I have the same issue on most of my projects - if I sort then I lose the nested subtasks layout - but I have at least two projects where it still shows nested even when sorted. Is this a bug?

I’d be interested to know how/why you are able to apply sorting and still see the nested subtasks because for me, no amount of changes to the sorting allows for this to happen… It’s either nested subtasks with no sorting or I can apply custom sorting/filters and lose the nested subtasks!

It’s definitely not how this feature should work and is of no use in this current form.

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Great feature, can it be extended to all subtask levels?

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Please!!! A great advance would be if new subtasks are assigned automatically to the parent project. My team and I are new to using Asana and we found it absolutely amazing except for that one feature. Do you have any expectations on when to add this?



Hi @Scott_Wredt, currently it only applies to the 1st level of subtasks!

Hi @Ignacio_Todorovich, this is something we’re aware of and a popular request in the Forum, if you haven’t yet, I’d recommend upvoting Allow to automatically add subtasks to project!

Thank you Marie. How many votes does it need to be implemented? I see the request was made on may 2017 and here we are now, 3 years later, still discussing it. If it is a very popular
request why don’t you implement it?

Thanks again.

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Marie, any word on when effort assigned to subtasks will be included in the Workload of a Portfolio that includes that project? Or is this tied to automatically adding subtasks to a project?


Great feature! My team is already using it.

Possible to bring subsub-Tasks also into the Listview in the Future?

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Not juste yet @_Flo, but hopefully something we can introduce in the future!

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If any filter is used in the project, you cannot see the subtasks.

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This is a great feature! Unfortunately, it keeps the same previous cumbersome interaction, as I still need to click on each arrow to see all the sub-tasks. Would be great to have them expanded as default. :yellow_heart:


Any idea on when will be the 2nd and 3rd level subtasks be visible without clicking on “expand”?

Not at the moment, but I’ll make sure to keep you posted here once I have more information regarding this topic!

@Marie does the team have a way to run a metric to see how often projects are saved with a default view in which a sort or filter is applied? I’m curious how frequently you’ll find this change to not be visible or available because of this.

I’m running into situations where being able to see the subtasks from the project view would be very beneficial but don’t want to have to undue and filters/sorts to see them. I know @Phil_Seeman and @Jason_Woods mentioned this previous. I’m starting to see the light…


Is it possible to expand the list of subtasks of a subtask?

No, the list view only shows the first level of subtasks.

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Yes, completely agree. Right now Workload really doesn’t show how busy I am because it doesn’t show all of the subtasks assigned to me. Someone asked me today, “When can you review this blog post”, and I tried to use Workload to figure this out, only to discover that since the vast majority of my tasks on these particular projects are subtasks (I’m an SME editor), it looks like I have nothing going on – which isn’t true at all.

PLEASE add a switch that allows to choose whether to include subtasks (with or without hours) into a Workload view.