Yeah inline Formatting now available


Guess what I just found inline formatting… Makes me happy as I can never remember the shortcuts.


Great !!
However, I have it in my workspace but this does not appear in my company organization… strange …


Me too. It appears in my workspace but not my main company account. I wonder why.


This popped up for me yesterday in my organization. Could it still be in beta?


The new feature if a welcome addition but the ability to add indented items by pressing TAB would be useful. For example:

  • Here is a bullet item about cats
    • This is an indented item indicating that it is in reference to the parent bullet item (cats)
  • Here is another top-level bullet list item about dogs
    • Additional information regarding dogs would go here
    • This would also be more information about dogs

The ability to indent bullet and number lists as shown would be useful.


@Kevin_Gabbert It appears the ol’ gmail (or any gsuite apps) shortcuts work. If you hold ctrl and press { or } it will indent appropriately. Granted the dot will not change to an open dot but it WILL be indented.

Here are the shortcuts:
ctrl + shift + 8 = create unordered list
ctrl + shift + 7 = create ordered list
ctrl + ] = indent right
ctrl + [ = indent left

The shifted version of 8 is an asterisk * which is used in markdown for lists.
{ and } are the shifted version of [ and ]. I remember this shortcut because visually I think of them being arrows pointing right or left

You can even do neat stuff like create an ordered list, hit enter, indent right, and then use the unordered shortcut key to change the indented ordered list to unordered.

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But without the first dot above (I had to do it that way for the forum)

Some more shortcuts:
ctrl + b = bold
ctrl + i = italic
ctrl + u = underlline

@ mention
:emoji word: (ex. : smile : with no spaces between word and colons = :smile:


I’ll give that a try, thanks! :slight_smile:


I just tried it and that is what I wanted. Now I can make indented lists :slight_smile:


Update: This option is now available in all workspaces. It must have been a gradual rollout :+1:


Great feature. We love it. Very helpful for those that didn’t know or understand the formatting keyboard shortcuts.