XML attachments

got a report from some of our users that they found their xml attachments were changed to .txt files.
they will open a task/project for a specific show and the setup files from our systems are xml based. they would then attach that file as a backup/share in the task/project.

wondering if something had changed to not allow xml files as attachments

Hi @Todd_McCann and welcome to the Forum!

That does seem strange! In order to investigate this further, I would need you to answer this couple of questions:

  • Is this happening with multiple files or just one specific file?
  • Were these files uploaded from Dropbox/Google Drive or from a Computer?

Technically Asana can’t convert files, so my hunch is that this issue has to do with how the files are opened, but let see if we can find out more together!

I look forward to your reply!

hi Marie thanks for the response. It is multiple files. They were uploaded from a computer not via dropbox/google.

@Todd_McCann, in order to investigate this issue further, we need to ask you for information that can’t be shared publicly in the Forum, so I think our support team will be best suited to help you sort this issue efficiently. In order to speed up investigation, I would recommend providing them with the following:

  • URL of the thread so you don’t have to re-explain everything :slight_smile:
  • URL of a task with an attachment that was uploaded as a .xml and is now a .txt
  • The original .xml that was uploaded on the task above

Apologies for not being able to resolve this issue for you via the Forum, but I’ve no doubt you’re in good hands with our support team!