Wrong completion dates in exported .csv file




Recently I have noticed a strange behavior while exporting a team member tasks in csv. In some cases the completion date appears a day before its real completion (completion date indicated for the task on the interface). I did not dig too deep and could not identity the problem (I thought maybe due to timezone difference between Georgia (Tbilisi, where I’m located) and US, some unknown logic changes the date, or something like that).

For Example in the task from the interface I see:
Gia Jgarkava completed this task. Yesterday at 10:27am // Yesterday was March 13th.

However, in the exported csv file, the completion date for that task is March 12th (03/12/2018).

Did anybody have the same problem?


Yes, I’m experiencing this problem.

I’ve found the issue after reporting month on month that I’m failing to meet targets and copping a mouthful every month from my client because my stats are bad. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

I’m thinking its a time zone difference. This needs to be fixed as my only option here is to lean back onto custom fields.



I’m experiencing the same problem. Time zone is fixed for the USA when exporting. Pretty annoying since we are working from Japan, so most of the time we have things shifted one day… any help?


Custom fields will be the only way with this sorry.