Would a "prosumer" tier / plan be viable?

I got introduced to Asana by a friend of mine. She has her own business. Me? I needed a second brain to help me deal with my ADHD. As someone who got diagnosed late in life it’s been a great help come up with a coherent plan for consciously dealing with my issues.

However, because I am a consumer rather than a professional? I cannot justify getting the premium tier of Asana. This is in no small part due to I cannot justify getting Microsoft 365 Enterprise for the tie-ins I really would like.

I would like to, at the very least, pay something to help contribute to the company’s wellbeing. I wouldn’t mind a few more features added to what I can do. There are things I’ve seen in other services that appeal to me that might even be good additions to the higher plans (mostly work/life type things). Is that something that can be looked into?

For the record, I’ve used Basecamp, Freedcamp, Trello, and Lunatask. Lunatask was looking quite good but the lack of a web app and Android app kind of killed it for me.

Hi @Samuel_Takara,

I don’t have any inside info but it’s extremely unlikely; Asana is honing their focus more toward the Enterprise these days.

Which is fair.

I do think some things like habit trackers and such would be small but nice additions.

That being said: after my trial I have been able to recommend Asana to some freelancers / self-proprietors I know. So I guess I’ll just be marketing :stuck_out_tongue: