Workspace is blank after logging in


For the past few days, my workspace has been randomly showing as completely empty. I’m part of an organization here at my work. At times, my inbox, tasks, projects, etc. show up just fine but at random times after logging in, everything is gone. I’ve tried logging in in both Google Chrome and Firefox with the same results. I’ve also cleared my cache. No one else at my organization seems to be facing issues. My Android app has been operating without issue. Any insights into this? Thanks in advance!


are you seeing your personal projects or your company projects?
when I log in I sometimes have the same thing. Just click on your photo, select your workspace (being your company not your personal projects) and that should do the trick I guess.

if not, then please respond


FYI @Jon_Kraynak I moved your thread from the “Developers and API” to the “Tips and Tricks” section of the forum.


That did it! Thank you. I was unaware of those two different categories.


Hey @Jon_Kraynak, I am delighted to hear that @Joost was able to answer your question! I have gone ahead and marked his reply as the solution to this thread :smile: