[Workload] Plan team's capacity without assigning tasks to the team members

How do people plan capacity in the future? So, i am looking if we need to bring in additional resource / outsource. I have started a road map project with Q1 running until the end of 2021. Creating a task per project/idea and giving it some time frames and est hours to complete, prod research, dev tec.

However, i don’t want to allocate the current team as they will be notified and it a private project. Is there away of creating users or resource type that dont do anything? i can then use these for capacity planning.

Hi @Scott_Goddard, this is a great question!

If you don’t want to assign the tasks to your team members yet, you can add a text custom field called “Stakeholder”, for example. In that field, you will be able to type the name of the user that you are planning to assign the task once the project is completed.

I hope this workaround helps! Let me know if you have any questions!

Not sure that would work as i wouldn’t be able to see capacity through work load?

I see what you mean @Scott_Goddard! You are right, unfortunately in that case you’ll need to assign the tasks to each members.

@Scott_Goddard have you considered creating a user account that is a different email domain and adding them to the project? This will make the “shadow user” a guest and you can then assign the work to this account. The account could serve no other purpose but to assign future work to for workload capacity review. Once you are ready to assign the work to an actual user, you could do so.

When creating the account you could label it as “Future Resource”.

@Emily_Roman, I could see value in showing the workload of unassigned tasks when you have the “unscheduled tasks” sidebar enabled. The caveat would be that on tasks that have a start and due date would plot. This would prevent any workarounds, like the one described above, while also establishing the volume of unassigned work. I could see value in that for resource planning purposes.

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