Workload per day

Just upgraded to Business mainly for the Workload feature but finding it very difficult to use at best and useless at worst because:

  1. We have an accounting practice with many teams and staff that work across teams. In order to see staff workload we have to add every single project into a portfolio - we need to be able to select a staff member and see ALL of their tasks/workload by default

  2. Most of our tasks are at most a few hours. Although we can see the expected hours per task through a field we added called Duration, there is no graphical presentation of this to see whether the tasks exceed the hours in a day. One needs to hover over the persons name to get the total hours per day and then calculate which tasks to leave in that day.

I would like to be able to have a Day view where I can drag a task that is 2 hours long from 9-11am, then drag the next task to start after that etc which will make sorting out the day much easier.

I love Asana Basic and we are likely to downgrade due to point 1. If we find another app that does point 2, we will seriously consider moving. Please fix this as Asana is brilliant in most everything else.