Workload is also spread in the weekend

I have created a portfolio with all my project to gain insights in my planning and workload. I notice that the hours I assigned to a task are also spread out in the weekend. This gives a unclear view of the workload.

Steps to reproduce:
I created a new portfolio and added all projects I am assigned to. I also added a filter to only show my own workload. That’s when I noticed the issue.

Browser version:
Asana App for Mac
Version 1.9.0

Upload screenshots below:

Can you describe what you were expecting based on the image? I am unsure to what we should conclude looking at the picture. Thanks!

Hi Bastien,

I expected the estimated hours to be spread out over my 5 work days, instead it was spread over 7 days (weekend included). However, it was not showing the estimated hours. I switched to estimated hours and now it’s working correctly.

The only thing I don’t understand, is what is was showing in my screenshot. But my issue is fixed!

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