Workload for workshops with multiple people attending

We have a team of 50 people with their resource workload input across 5 projects… we have a few workshops (design thinking sessions) that is going to include a lot of the teams.

How can I create a task for the event that includes say 15 people for 1 day (8hrs) that then shows in all the 15 people’s workload.

At the moment we are having to create 15 tasks (1 for each person involved) which isn’t ideal as we’ve got lots of this type of work coming up.

Adding collaborators to a task doesn’t change the collaborators workload.

Any thoughts on how we could do this?

Hi @Mark_Mutter, welcome to the Asana community Forum! As it stands, if you need that the 8h effort in the 15 people’s workload, you would need to assign a task to each person. You can use the “Assign copies of a task”, this will help you to assign and create duplicates of the task for each person. Find more details in this article: Ways to save time in Asana | Product guide • Asana

Thank you!

Would be great future functionality… we have this capability in another team using a different scheduling capability and is being used as a blocker for wider adoption.