Workload Adjusting


I am trying to manage my teams workload profile and give them a top level view of the tasks and hours they have assigned for each week over the next few months. To do this we use the portfolio feature to show all tasks associated with each member, and use a custom field “Effort” for the hours assigned to each task.

We have a few problems with this:

  • Many of our tasks are quite long (weeks, not days), and the work done on each task varies week on week; i.e. Task X is 2 months long but is very heavy in hours for the 1st week and quiet for the following 7 weeks. Asana just divides the total hours equally, for all weeks so doesn’t show the heavy first week and quiet subsequent weeks. This is particularly true for Procurement (Hours up front for finding suppliers and buying, small on the back end to just keep track of progress).

  • When a task timeline increases, the number of assigned hours does not increase proportionally. i.e. Task Y is 1 week long and has 30 hours of work associated with it, its going to take twice as long so drag it to 2 weeks, but that now equals 15 hours of work each week. This becomes particularly problematic when its a task that is 2 months long increases by a week but you need to add a full weeks hours into it; Asana will read this effort equally over the entire timeline.

  • Subtasks do not appear in the Portfolio.

My initial thought is that the only way around this in Asana is to break each Task into lots of smaller tasks and add granularity. Does anyone else have advice on how you manage large top level tasks and predict forward workload?

Some things that would make this easier to manage:

  • Calculated fields: When I change the start and end date, the number of work days could be calculated and put into a custom field. I then use that number and a % Utilisation factor to determine the total predicted hours. This means the hours will update as I drag a task out.
  • A value we can use for Effort in Portfolio that doesn’t get divided by time. Something like % Utilisation. Portfolio can then add the % Utilisation up and see if it crosses 100%.
  • Variable % Utilisation per week.

Any thoughts on the above would be really appreciated.



Welcome to the Forum @Thomas_Brown1 and thank you for sharing this thorough feedback with us!

We usually don’t recommend using one thread to provide multiple feedback since it’s hard for other members to upvote for a particular suggestion and for us to keep track.

I was able to find a a few threads in the Forum regarding the topics you have listed in this thread:

In case you haven’t yet, I would suggest you to upvote on the ones you would like to see implemented and if your suggestions are not covered in any of these threads I would highly encourage you to create a new thread for each feedback.

Thank you very much for your understanding Thomas! Have a great day!