Working with another company that use smartsheet



I am working on a project with an exterior team that uses smartsheet. Is there any way to “integrate” their sheet in asana?

thank you


Have a look at Zapier
@paulminors is the best with Zapier :+1: if you need extra help



you can also try


Both services have employees here in the community who are happy to help you with the setup, let me know if you need an introduction


@Constant_Mentzas what would you like the integration to do?


I am onboarding my business to salesforce and the company doing the implementation works on smartsheet. I am just looking for a quick way to track their progress but more precisely to get the task assigned to me easily integrated to my asana tasks. This is not a project that will span over a large period of time or a project in which I have many tasks. I am looking for a simple fix.(the time organizing the solution needs to take less time than the problem). Worst case I will just copy/paste.

thank you for your time

Ps Loved your videos when we where thinking of joining


Thanks I will definitely look into it.


Sounds great. This might be too small of a problem to look into this kind of solution, but I will certainly keep this in mind for the future.

thanks again


I’m sure that would be possible in Zapier. You’d need to set a trigger like - Row assigned to me, create a task. It should be fairly straightforward to set up. However, if you’re not super comfortable with Zapier the admin may not be worth the effort like you said and copying over may be easier…


At this stage Zapier does not seem to offer that integration right of the bat. There might be a way but I don’t think it’s worth it for now. Thank you for your time