Working remote with Asana? Free tips on best practices available 👇

Hey team :wave:

I wanted to call out @Marie’s invaluable announcement in the forum earlier last week, for tips on how to work from home like a pro!

I wanted to follow up on her post to ensure that you and your teams are well equipped to make this necessary adjustment, and to share some key resources that will help make what may feel like an uncomfortable transition (at first!), as seamless as possible.


I also invite you to join the greater conversation here by sharing some of your favorite remote working tips, for our community to learn from.

  • What’s worked best for your teams?
  • What hasn’t worked as well as you thought?
  • What Asana tips could you not succeed without during this time?

We’re to learn and grow from our shared experiences. so I invite you to share your best practices. I look forward to learning from you all as well!

Hope everyone is staying safe and keeping clean :palms_up_together: :soap: :potable_water:


Is the asana team working normally with covid19? i need support but i didn’t get a response.

Hi @Ruth,
Our team is absolutely working normally, though I can only imagine how busy it has gotten.

If you like, kindly post your use case in the main forum (unless it’s a nonprofit use case, then absolutely post it there), then private message me the link. I’d be happy to hop on to help! If I need access to a billing tool or terminal (for back-end adjustments to your Asana) then I wont be able to help, but if I can offer guidance I absolutely will :slight_smile: .

Is the Asana advisor program only for non-profits who are currently on a paid plan? I have someone (my Exec Director) who is blind and needs help and we are all remote! She isn’t very tech savvy either.

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Hi @Samantha_Jackson,
While the Asana Advisor program is designed for nonprofits on our nonprofit discount, I’m going to post your request with our Certified Pros to see if someone is able to provide some pro-bono assistance. If possible, they will reach out to you via a message directly.

Thank you @Michael_A :blush:

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