Working on a private board but need to consistently copy info from other board


We create food products as a business. I currently have a project titled “production”. I have several columns showing if a certain part of the process is completed or not. I need to either throw in a column that only I can see which will contain sensitive information about the recipe or I need a private project that can directly link and update information from the public production board onto my private board so I can record the sensitive information without showing it to others.
I want the columns of both boards to be the same but the private board will have a few additional columns that only I can see.

This is a mouthful of an explanation, I apologize if I need to be more clear.

I appreciate the help! Thank you.

Hi there, just to be sure I understand, you want to create a private board with the same information as the public ‘production’ board. And when things get updated in production board, you want them updated in the private board?

Yes that’s right. I want them updated on the private board and I’ll have two or three extra columns containing sensitive info on the private board.

Steven Dossey

Hi @Steven_Dossey, thanks for reaching out! In this case, you can multihome your tasks in your private board and every time the tasks is updated in the public board, you will see the new information updated in your private board. The only limitation here is that all the information that you add to the task in the private board will be also visible in your public board.

If you want to add private information, you can create a custom field specific to your private project and once you multi-home the task this field will be added to it but it will be only visible to you. You just need to make sure the field is not part of your Organization’s library.

I hope this helps!