Working in more than one workspace with just one organizations´s subscription


Our company has only been working with Asana for a couple of months and we have had a number of very important questions for a long time. We contacted Asana’s assistance but we never got an answer. I hope you can help me in the Asana Community.

  1. WThere is a project in which we are working on with two other companies. I have seen that to work with several organizations you have to create another workspace. The question is this: Do we need a subscription for each workspace or can we work in as many workspaces as we need with each organization’s subscription?
  2. Is it possible to clone a task or project that exists in our organization in another workspace?
  3. Is it possible to import the board from other applications like Trello or Jira to Asana?

Thank you very much in advance

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@Alexis Is there someone who can help me?



  1. do you have a Premium Asana?
  2. you should use, this is not available natively in Asana
  3. have a look at Unito!

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Hi, thank you very much!

  1. I do, the problem is that I am working in an organization, and then I tried to create a workspace for working with another organization and it ask me to upgrade, but I have already a premium account.
  2. I did! Thank you very much!
  3. I will try!


@Marie can jump in and explain Premium better, but I think you upgrade a Team or an Organization or a few people to Premium, you don’t upgrade “an Organization and any Workspace created by its members”.


3 - To import from Trello, you can use