I’m curious to know if there is a timeline for true workflow automation as well as the ability to adjust subtask due dates in alignment with changes to the master due date change?

Workflow automation is great for repetitive workflows / projects that we repeat with some rhythm (monthly, etc). Think Financial Statement Creation. Currently, Asana doesn’t support this.



Couple of ideas:

  • have a look at Flowsana from @Phil_Seeman for workflows
  • if you look at you’ll the list of features mentions Workflows, but without a due date…
  • about adjusting subtasks due dates, I have never seen such a request in the community, maybe you should post it in Product Feedback!

Thanks for the mention, @Bastien_Siebman.

@Laura_Juarez, as Bastien mentioned, Flowsana supports a variety of types of workflow automation including updating of subtask dates when their parent is updated. Feel free to send me a query via Private Message if you want to discuss your specific needs in more detail and whether Flowsana can meet them.

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Thanks Phil! I just reviewed Flowasana and it looks promising. I’ll activate on our account. Again, my gratitude.


I wish Asana would at least provide some insight into what they’re thinking of rolling out with the Workflow Automation mentioned as coming soon on the pricing page.

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Agreed. The plug-in, Flowasana is not a reasonable solution ( at least to our team) as it is not integrated into Asana and has a challenging / clunky interface.


Hi @Laura_Juarez,

I know you were looking for a solution that was integrated into the Asana UI rather than a separate interface, and I do understand and agree it’s a valid point. At present it’s not possible for an external app to integrate directly into the Asana UI (other than only on Chrome browsers via an extension and that’s still not a direct integration). It’s possible that may change in the future and if it does, rest assured Flowsana will integrate directly into the Asana interface.

Also, I think you’re already aware but just wanted to mention that the only elements that require actions outside of Asana are the initial creation of workflow projects and rules. After that, everything is automatic, occurs within Asana, and doesn’t require visiting the Flowsana website.

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Received. How did you send that?

Thank You,