Workflows: Using a date field to set "urgency" single select

Hi everyone,

We have a webform that external (retainer) clients submit requests to our team with.

The webform allows for population of the “due date” field, we’d like to build a workflow (or many if needed) that sets a single select drop down field but here’s the kicker, we only want it to set the single select field once. It’s imperative that the field doesn’t automatically update over time as we get closer to the due date.

So if due date = 2 weeks or less away, set urgency to CRITICAL
If due date = 2 weeks to 3 weeks away, set urgency to High
If due date = 3 weeks to 4 weeks away, set urgency to Med
If due date = 4++ weeks away, set urgency to Low

Is this possible?

Hi @b_free if you set up a board view ongoing process style workflow you could apply these rules only to the first section, so that only tasks in that section have the rules applied. once tasks move out of that section the rule therefore wouldn’t run again if that makes sense.

Oh that’s a great idea, thanks!

How do I go about handling the “between” condition for the dates?

I’m sort of pulling my hair out now. I just found out that the functionality of the Customize> Rules doesn’t match the function of the “Workflow” section of a project. Mainly in the fact that you can only have OR triggers in the Customize>Rules and you can have OR or AND in the “Workflow” Section.

That said, I have my rules setup as follows-- but now I’m running into an issue where rules with an AND operator only seem to run 1x per day (vs the rules I made before that ran immediately). Any suggestions???

This is bizarre. I was the Forum Leader who presented the new rule builder (i.e. the one you’re seeing in Customize > Rules), and I could have sworn that it was also what was used in Workflow but I see now that’s not the case - it’s inconsistent and confusing to have the new one in one place and the old one in another (as evidenced by your confusion). I’m assuming this is a temporary situation and Workflow will also use the new rule builder once it’s formally released (it’s still in A/B testing). @Marie @Emily_Roman could you check on this?

As to your specific scenario, due date based rules only run once at midnight; that hasn’t changed to my knowledge, except that there is this recent post from @Bastien_Siebman:

Thanks Phil, glad to know I’m not going crazy!

Thanks for flagging this @Phil_Seeman! I’ll check with our product team to confirm if this is expected behaviour or a bug. I’ll keep you posted!


Hi everyone, our product team confirmed this is working as expected. Currently, if you create a rule from within the workflow builder (or the bundle builder, or a project template) it will not have conditions and branching. You will only have access to the classic rule builder. We are aware of this feedback and will consider it as we continue working on updates for Conditions and Branching in Rules. Thanks for sharing your feedback!

Wow, I’m surprised; this is going to be really confusing IMO since the two have differing and in some cases conflicting behaviors. I hope it’s temporary, especially since the plan is (or was) to convert all rules to the new format late this year or early next year.


An update on this question of Workflow still using the old rule builder:

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