Workflows in Music Technology

If anyone here has worked in music technology, with a team heavily relying on Asana, please share your stories! What was useful and what didn’t go so well?

I worked with several clients in the music industry and they are all quite happy I believe. I don’t recall a specific workflow, this is always custom to what they need…

Hey Matt — I don’t know if this is what you’re looking for, but I am a touring singer songwriter and have been using Asana for a little over a year to run my business.

The primary struggle for me has been I haven’t been able to find any examples of independent artists using Asana to manage their business.

I got started with Asana because I hired a social media coach who uses it to plan content. I very quickly realized Asana could help me plan and stay on top of nearly every aspect of my career. Where it’s gotten tricky is I initially set up tasks in a way that made sense when I was the one doing everything. My team is growing now and I’m in the middle of doing a huge Asana refresh. I didn’t know a lot about automation, blocked tasks, etc… I could get very granular about what I’ve learned about projects and portfolios when it comes to tasks related to tour dates but I’m not sure if you’re looking for that!

Being an independent artist is a tough gig because we have to be on top of so many things. I am certain that Asana would change the lives of many independent artists, but many don’t know it’s a powerful resource available to them.

I think the templates I’ve built out for tour date confirmation and marketing could help a lot of artists. I’m still refining it now. If anyone at Asana would like to see what I’ve created and perhaps offer suggestions on how to maximize its potential, I would be happy to share it as a resource.


Maybe submit it to!