Workflow tasks not assigned to a project -or- Finding Projects with Missing Tasks

I have a client that has created over 180 projects in Asana and many of them are workflow processes where each step needs to be followed. She has discovered many tasks that are a part of a workflow but not assigned to a project. For example, there are tasks to get signatures but they are not assigned to a project, which means a workflow is missing that step and might be considered complete when it is not.
What we are trying to figure out is an easy way to find the project the task belongs to, without opening all 180+ projects. We explored advanced searches on a call, but haven’t found a way to do this yet. Any tips or ideas? Many thanks!

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Your client has access to all projects?
As what I am thinking is that maybe somebody else set up a workflow in a private project so she does not see the project the task is in.
Is she the full admin of the Asana org? Then she could go to the admin console to check team and project access Admin Console • Asana Product Guide

She might also have some tasks only in „My Tasks“ and no project and set up rules in there?

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