Workflow management platform that connects to Asana Portfolios

Does anyone know of a workflow management platform that connects Asana Portfolio data (project names, custom fields, etc) to other tools like Airtable? I just got word that Unito doesn’t do this and I don’t believe Zapier does. Looking for a solution to relate information across these two platforms.

cc: @Bastien_Siebman, @Phil_Seeman @lpb

Yeah, Portfolios are a pretty recent addition to the Asana API; I haven’t seen any of those integration platforms that support Portfolios.

I think you’d have to use the Webhooks feature of Zapier (or something equivalent in some other tool) to do your own Portfolio-based API calls. You can do any Asana API call at that point.


Sorry, @Jerod_Hillard, I have nothing to add beyond @Phil_Seeman’s good answer.


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+1, use webhooks from Zapier

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It seems like project names, custom fields data can be pulled without reliance of Asana Portfolio. What’s the use case like @Jerod_Hillard ?

Update: To my knowledge, there’s no way for zapier to pull custom field data from portfolio (task progress, status, and other custom field created in Portfolio), it can only get data from project

Hi @Leonarce!

The use case is: link Asana Projects to a table in Airtable. These projects are best grouped through Portfolios. In some instances, the Team that each Asana Project is within is a good grouping (but we don’t always want to link every Asana Projects within that Team). Once we have this data linked, we will use Airtable to capture more context across Customers, Projects, Stakeholders that don’t necessarily correlate with the “things to do”

  • Asana Projects = Customers (tasks = activities to be performed across actual projects with the customer account - Custom Fields/Sections delineate the work between these actual projects.
  • Portfolio = Collection of Projects (Customers) we have selected to sync to Airtable.
  • Custom Fields on Projects (as seen in Portfolio) = Columns within Airtable

Including @abass in this response so he can weigh in given his wealth of knowledge in this area!

Wish I could be more help here, I haven’t really used Portfolios at all, so while I’ve done a ton of Asana <> Zapier integrations and using native webhooks and such, portfolios are totally outside of my purview.

Though using Airtable as robust lookup table for this type of thins is totally up my alley and something I so regularly. If there’s a way to connect things in, using your Airtable example seems to be the way you’d try to do it.


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