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Since most information in Asana is attached to tasks, how do you capture project decisions and direction in a central place, as those tasks are completed?

For example, I have many projects (real-life projects, not necessarily the same as Asana “Projects”). Each project has many to-dos (Asana Tasks) that involve gathering input, information, and/or approvals from various third-parties or internal stakeholders. Imagine a project funnel, where the possibility space is wide to start, then narrows as you collect information and make decisions, eventually converging on a final product.

I’d like ideas for a convenient, centralized place to capture a project’s “current state”. Sort of like a brief living document that summarizes the project.

For example, for the Widget project, initially we didn’t know how many widgets we’d produce, or in what sizes, or who would manufacture them, or what the regulatory requirements were. But each of those questions was a task, and over time we checked them all off. Now that important info is buried in those completed tasks. I would like to surface it into a summary, e.g.

Widgets Project

  • 1,000 widgets to be produced (500 large, 500 small)
  • Manufactured by Acme Widget Co at 5 cents per widget

Where would you suggest capturing this sort of information (ideally inside Asana, for easy reference)? Thanks!


Hi @Scott_Murray1

What plan are you on for Asana? If you are on Business, Premium, or Enterprise, you have the ability to utilize Portfolios. I have attached a link at your convenience to read the many possibilities of Portfolios!


Welcome to the Asana forum community, @Scott_Murray1!

Our team keeps track of important decisions, reference files, and project updates in the Overview section of our Asana projects, and utilizes Status Updates to keep stakeholders informed. We regard the project overview as the “source of truth” and have found it very helpful in centralizing key information.

We particularly enjoy the built-in customization options. Project members can include charts/graphs/tables, attachments, links to specific tasks or other projects, and more in the project brief and status updates.

If Overviews and Status Updates are new to your team, these Asana Guides are a helpful place to start:

  1. Project Overview
  2. Project Progress and Status Updates

Happy Asana-ing!

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+1 to this answer as well! @Scott_Murray1

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Thanks, Mike! I’m on Premium. I tried to use Portfolios, but it looks like that’s only for Business or above. In any case, it looks useful for any info you could capture in a custom field. Like, to use my example, if I had different products like Widgets and Doohickeys, I could have a “initial order quantity” field that I could set to some number once that info was determined. (I think?) I don’t know, I’d have to play with it, but it sounds like it would get me part way to what I’m looking for. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing this. I had seen the Overview but didn’t realize the “Project Brief” feature allows for much more extensive documentation than the open text area at the top of the Overview.

A related concern for me is: How to decide when a group of tasks should be promoted to being its own project. If this sort of “overview” documentation only exists at the project level, that’s an incentive (in this case) to create more projects. But I often prefer to go lighter weight and, say, have one project of related, smaller efforts, grouped as related tasks in the same section (or column, in board view). What I’m getting at is there’s no equivalent to capture this sort of overview meta-information at the section or column level — only at the project level.

I do mostly enjoy Asana, but I do frequently find myself having to adapt workflows to fit its inflexible information architecture. (I guess that’s not really a question.)

If anyone else visits this thread, I’d appreciate hearing how others approach this. :slight_smile:


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