Workflow Automation - using task templates and triggers to drive processes



I’m wanting to use Asana Boards for workflows and to be able to auto-assign tasks and auto-create a task using a template potentially from zapier or an email… Manually created tasks in the board may have the option to select a template from a menu to build the task and link the template workflow and triggers.

The idea is to be able to create a task template and triggers within a project…

The template would be used to auto create the task on creation by zapier, say from a lead, or email… The triggers would be used when the sub-task in the task is completed… To assign the next tasks and due date (based on the template), reassign the assignee on the Task and to update the column to the next step in the process.

The setup of the Board would need to be the key driver of the workflow and triggers available when creating templates…

This would potentially require the locking down of the completion button on the main tasks, as the template and the sub-tasks would really be driving the progress of the task across the board.

I see this really only being used in boards.

Project and Team Members could even be assigned specific types of roles in a project which could allow for dynamic assignment using the template. i.e Instead of a template assign sub-task 1 to Jo Blogs instead it my assign to ‘CRM’ or ‘Sales’ etc

There is not much on the market which can do this and for entrepreneurs keeping all work in the one place is so helpful…


I feel like part of this can be done using Zapier. A task template can be done with a task you copy doesn’t it? @Millor_Machado maybe you have a solution in mind?

This would potentially require the locking down of the completion button

Nothing can do this except a Chrome extension. Which does not exist yet, but can definitely be developed.

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Hi @Chris_Ball1,

As an MVP, you can create the template in a spreadsheet with tasks, assignees and due dates, and use Zapier to upload them to Asana. I don’t have the Zap anymore, however I can help you create that, since I already did it once.

The issue with this solution is that Zapier doesn’t upload subtasks. You would have to list the sub-steps in the description field, without creating subtasks.

If you don’t need the due dates to be set dynamically, I think a task copy might work.

The triggers and “mark as complete” locking are a little bit more complicated, but it’s something in the roadmap for a Chrome Extension I’m working on. If you want to be a beta tester, please send me an inbox so we can define next steps.

Best regards!

P.S.: Thanks @Bastien_Siebman for mentioning me!