Workflow and converting task to templating issues

I’m having some issues with workflow / rule triggering timing.

I’ve set up an Form connected to an overview project (Film scheduling), requests get created via the form and get added to this project no problem, I have some automations that change the title of the task to the Film title and set a few options to default (i.e. date being TBC) - these are all set to “As soon as a task is added to the project”. These go into the ‘untitled’ section right at the top of the board to be sorted/looked at.

One of the options in the form is to create a project from a template I’ve made - I do this by having a rule to convert the task into a project - which works fine. I have this triggering as a second trigger (together with add this to the ‘unsorted/to be looked at’ section which follows the ‘untitled’ section above). So in theory it should convert after the title change above. I want the new project to have the film title that gets entered into the for

But it doesn’t, the title is always set to “Film request submission” (From the form) no matter what order I create the rule triggers as the order Asana does the rules is something like…

  • Form gets submitted
  • Task added to board
  • New project is created with default title
  • Task is moved to correct section
  • Task is retitled
  • Task is closed and says its converted to new project (even though this actually happens almost immediately)

Is there any way of influencing the order, or getting Asana to play ball (because I’ve read it all depends on the trigger order but this is clearly not the case). I have one work around up my sleeve if I can’t, but it involves a human step which is (slightly) annoying.

For the record, if I trigger the project conversion via a task already made and titled (i.e. between the 1st and 2nd trigger above), it creates the project with the correct title. So I know it can work.

Sorry if it’s not explained very well. Thanks in advance.


Is there a reason you’re not using the Form > Settings to set the task title there instead of relying on a rule to do that? That would address your issue, I think.



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Ahhhh you legend! Thank you, I didn’t notice you could change that at all. I thought it was a bit weird you couldn’t set it to title in the actual main bit of the form - but now it makes sense you do it in settings!


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