Workback Schedule Logic based on Project Due Date


I’ve seen a couple of threads seeking the same functionality, so I am asking the community for best practices on how to do this currently, and wondering if the functionality would be considered for future release in core functionality.

We are a church, and we have message series that range from 3-6 weeks long. With each series, we have a 5-week preparation process from the initial meeting to the first Sunday of the series. There are a number of tasks that have to happen in those 5 weeks. Those tasks are the same for every series, so a template makes perfect sense. I have set up the template to reflect all the dates across the timeline, but when setting up a new project, it marks all tasks based on the dates in the template. The only solution I have found is to drag the tasks across the timeline to the current dates, but the further I get from the template dates, the harder it will be to drag those tasks forward.

It would be great if there was logic that could allow the due date to be set based on the project due date. That would allow tasks to connect to other tasks based on a work back date. (i.e., Project Due date is May 1, so a work back attribute could be ‘number of days before project due date’ and calculate its due date from the project due date.)

This would allow the template to be set up and for a prompt in the project creation to ask for the assignment of the project due date.


Here I’m referring to the due date of an individual task to be connected to the project due date.