Workarounds for missing My Tasks features?

I’m building my to-do list in My Tasks. I want to be able to use the same tools that projects have, but it seems they don’t exist in My Tasks — primarily, the arrow that allows you to dropdown subtasks, and the ability to filter. There also seem to be a lot of customization tools in projects that are not available in My Tasks. Does anyone have a workaround?

I considered creating a project for my to-dos instead of using My Tasks, but then I’d have to manually drop in tasks that are assigned to me from other projects. Thanks in advance!

Hi @Katrina_Kong

The one that expands the subtasks? I have that.


More will be added over time

Set a Rule in your My Tasks that when tasks are added, add to your other project.

Does the dropdown arrow only work in Board view? It doesn’t seem to exist in List view.

I ran into the same type of issues where we couldn’t add custom fields to My Tasks. What I did was create a Project for myself (and one for each team member) for all of our tasks. I added a rule to My Tasks that any new task coming into My Tasks was automatically added to my new project. That way all of my work is in one place and I can add whatever custom fields I need. I no longer use My Tasks, just my custom project.

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Hmm, correct.

Hi @Katrina_Kong, thanks for this feedback!

I’d recommend creating a separate thread for each piece of feedback in the #product-feedback category to clearly outline your requests and to give other users the opportunity to vote for the specific features they would like to see :slight_smile:

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