Work done this week report - not only completed tasks



We work in our team a little different from the classic complete task approach. When an employee finishes a task – he assigns the task back to the creator for him to verify it was done as expected and the creator marks the task as completed if it is OK.

In other cases , the team member may still complete tasks that he has created.

Is there a report that can be done to see what my team has done in the last week?

I want to see all tasks of an employee in the last week that he either completed or assigned to someone else.

Also there are routine tasks that I would like to remove the report. Is that possible too?


@Yoav_Crombie for reports you can’t use conditional statements. Not sure what options you would have have a look at Asana2Go created by @lpb it may be able to provide you with a solution.



You can’t find what you are asking for with Asana search. That being to find all Tasks a user has completed or assigned in a week.

You can search for all Tasks that been completed in a week but can’t search by who completed them.
You can search for all Tasks that have been assigned by a user, but not the user the Task used to be assigned to. (A Task can be assigned to user 1, and then reassigned by user 2 from user 1 to user 3. The assigned by field would find this Task if you search for user 2.)

However, there are a lot of things Asana will allow you to search for and I recommend looking at the options and determining what reports will help provide the insight that will help you.
One example is you could search for all Tasks that were Created by a user and modified in a week. From your original post it sounded like Task creator was important in you organization.

When you find a search that works for you you can save it as a Report. And then refer to the report any time you want. When you refer to the report Asana is running the search in real time. You don’t need to create Tasks to remove old reports.



I agree with @Vince_Mustachio’s reply, though @Jason_Woods’ suggestion about Asana2Go could help in particular with:

because it lets you use a templating language in custom reports so it can be more flexible in filtering, sorting, and grouping than Asana itself (custom filtering, grouping, and ascending/descending sorting). It can also let you get at some task/subtask properties that Asana’s search may not provide access to, but I don’t see an immediate solution to the “assigned to someone else” need.