Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcut to create task in Asana from anywhere in Windows


Hi everyone,

is it somehow possible to assign a keyboard shortcut in Windows 10 to create a new asana task (ie., the command has to be channeled to Chrome/the browser tab with Asana). Would be very convenient to create tasks from anywhere without navigating to the browser/Asana tab…



Tab - Q cloud work for you?


But this works only when I have Chrome w/ Asana tab in focus, right?
I would like to have a shortcut that I could use from any program (eg, while working with powerpoint). That’s why I assumed it needs to be linked to a windows shortcut.


Hi @Christian_Au :wave:t3: I’m aware that Windows 10 allows you to create this kind of shortcut, however, Asana is not compatible with this functionality at the moment.

I’m moving this thread to the #productfeedback category to allow you and other users to upvote this feature request; hope that’s ok!